Here I am in Northern Italy at Lake Como. Both of my parents were born in Calabria. My Father, Lorenzo Anthony, was a ‘Shoemaker’ and he made his own wine in the basement wine cellar with about 8 large barrels. My mom, Maria Dominca, enjoyed playing the piano and writing her own music as well as being a a tailor. Our home was filled with traditional Italian foods and family events. My Grandfather , Giuseppe Adamo, was a composer and he wrote the Presidential March for Eisenhower. My grandmother Angela Bonacci was the town weaver and grew her own silk worms and sourced her own fibers. I’ve had to wait to begin my true creative journey, but it has been well worth the wait, on many levels.


My name Vera Luagina BONACCI. I sign my work either BONACCI or Jeanne Henderson. My studio name is October Sun Studios, Ltd.  My BFA Is from Kent State University  which focused on metals and fibers [specifically enameling] and a Masters from Cleveland State University with a focus on Computer uses. I have also studied Creative Brain Theory and Teaching through the Arts as a Core or Global subject at the master level. I explored Theater, Fashion in both retail, merchandising and design, Jewelry design and I tinker with my Mandolin. I have studied under several master visual artists. Traditional portraiture with Dino Massaroni and later with Judy Takacs and several more.   My book, “Madonna of the Ways” began a side road to more books which I intend to publish along with illustrating books for my daughter, Cynthia Burke. Upon retirement as an Art instructor, I dove right into my enamels.  My technique developed into a more contemporary style of layering and suggested imagery of people and animals.  This was my escape as I needed to re-define myself after my first husband, Frank, had passed away. After marrying my second husband, Don, I continued to produce my enamels, but something changed. I felt too isolated to produce in the space I had available. I stumbled onto a color pencil class and fell in love- not only with the medium, but it’s convenience or portability.  I began to draw again.  I had to bring that skill back into my repertoire and began to layer, and focus on people and animals.  Some were photo realism and then I ventured off to my more expressive techniques using scribbling, and mixed media.  It was around this time I met Paul Foropoulos, a master artist from Greece.  I began my journey with him as I began to explore oil.  I started with portraits, live model drawing and, under his encouragement , began to explore a more contemporary style, reminiscent of my exploratory enamels. As I explore this genre and style, my challenge is to bring that consistency of energy, a related color palette that has an abstraction that is both organic and geometric. My color pencil animals are tending to lean into this style as well as I continue to explore my scribble techniques.  My goal is to go beyond the realism and bring the energy, life, vitality of the nature of my subject and theme. I hope you will enjoy these works and be drawn into that kinetic energy and feel it in your own soul. I hope it will make you smile, wonder, tilt your head, ponder and engage as you join into the energy of each art work.